What is Critical Illness Cover?

If you’re concerned about how you’re family and loved ones will cope financially when the inevitable does happen or in the event of a serious illness then you should have Life and/or Critical Illness Cover.

For many people, it is important to make sure the people you care about are not left financially vulnerable, and a life insurance policy can make sure they are safe and catered for should something happen to you.

The majority of life insurance policies pay out a lump sum to your family or loved ones upon your death. This sum can be used to pay off a mortgage or meet financial obligations, pay for childcare, education or simply supplement a smaller household income. Life & Critical Illness Cover can be purchased as a combined or stand alone policy all depending on your requirements.

Not all Critical Illness plans are the same, some will pay out on different severity’s of an illness and the amount of conditions covered can vary greatly from 14-166 conditions so getting the right help is essential and that why we are here.

With so many policies out there the monthly premiums may be smaller than you think so whether you’re looking for your first plan or to review policies you already hold, we can help.

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