What is equity release?

Equity release is a way for homeowners over 55 to release tax-free funds from their homes, without having to move. It is an increasingly popular way for people in or approaching, retirement to boost their finances.

It’s essentially a long-term loan that’s repaid using your home once you pass away or require long-term care. Until then, you’ll remain a homeowner with no need to move out. Whatever financial freedom means to you in later life – renovating your home, paying off an interest-only mortgage or helping your children – equity release is designed to help make it happen.

Entering into a lifetime mortgage (or any form of equity release) will reduce the amount of inheritance you can leave behind. It may also affect your tax position and eligibility for welfare benefits.

Flexible plans for whatever you need

Our fully qualified, specialist equity release advisers take the time to understand your needs, ensuring they find and recommend the right solution for you. Our products offer competitive rates as well as features to suit you, such as inheritance protection.

Equity release can give you the flexibility to do the things you love most:

  • No monthly repayment options
  • Flexible plans
  • Personal service face-to-face or remote
  • Funds can be used for any purpose
  • Voluntary repayment options available with no penalties
  • Inheritance protection available as a protected percentage

To get a quotation and find out if Equity Release is right for you please get in touch and one of our network agents will be happy to help.