We can help source and provide funding for the equipment you need for your business without you having to dip into your working capital.

Asset Finance

Asset Finance is a type of loan that enables businesses to obtain funding for the purchase of assets they need to successfully operate and grow. Assets such as cars and vehicles, equipment, software, machinery, systems, tools, furniture, mobile buildings, containers, and other technology, or allows you to release capital in assets you own.

There can be tax benefits that can help your business, but we recommend speaking to your accountant beforehand.

You can use asset finance for:

  • Cars and vehicles.
  • Mobile homes/buildings.
  • Office equipment.
  • Computers and software including phone systems.
  • Agricultural and plant equipment.
  • Construction Equipment.
  • Tools.
  • Hotel, pub, and restaurant furniture.
  • Medical and dental equipment.
  • Containers.
  • Renewable energy and sustainable technology.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase enables you to secure ownership of assets by paying in installments over time. The cost of an asset can be spread over its useful working life and paid for out of the revenue it earns. Payment patterns can be tailored to suit individual needs, generally involving a 10% deposit and all VAT paid upfront followed by a series of monthly or quarterly installments. Customers can choose between a fixed rate or base rate hire purchase. Hire Purchase is similar to equipment leasing, but your business owns the item.

A Leasing Agreement gives a business full use of an asset for an agreed period, at an agreed monthly or quarterly rental. The funder will purchase the required asset, claim any available allowances or writing down allowances and pass the full benefit on within the lease rentals. Funders have different leasing plans, each designed to meet the requirements of specific circumstances.

The two types of equipment leasing are known as finance leasing and operating leasing. Paying cash outright for capital assets can be a signature drain on your working capital and waiting for cash from your receivables also restricts growth.

Asset refinancing can also be arranged and is an agreement aimed at businesses that already own the asset and which now need to release some of the capital tied up in those assets. The funder buys the asset from you and leases it back to you for an agreed period of time at an agreed monthly or quarterly rental.

To get a quotation and find out if Asset Finance is right for you please get in touch and one of our network agents will be happy to help.